Advanced Optical Fibers & Components


Olkin develops innovative optical fiber products to guide, amplify, sense and spatially control light. We focus on applied photonics and research customers involved in cutting edge communications, laser and medical developments requiring specialty optical fibers and components.


Build upon world class expertise on the design and fabrication of  micro-structured preforms, optical fibers and lasers, we develop customized optical fibers and fiber components for a wide range of applications.  We work closely with our customers to produce the most suited solutions to their needs.


Hollow Core Fibers

By guiding light in air, our hollow core fibers reduce latency, improve power handling and enable transmission in the mid-IR.

Customized Optical Fibers

Olkin fibers include polarization maintaining, high NA, pure silica and tailored profiles with coatings for various operating temperatures and environments.

SDM Optical Fibers

Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) has emerged as an approach for boosting the capacity of optical networks by exploiting the modes of  multimode fibers or the cores in multicore fibers. Explore new trends in optical communications with our SDM optical fibers.

Few-mode Fibers

Multimode fibers carrying from 2 to a large number of modes.

Multicore Fibers

Tailored number of cores, weakly and highly coupled versions are available.

Erbium-doped SDM Fibers

Olkin multimode and multicore erbium fibers provide uniform gain among the SDM channels.

SDM Multiplexers

Multiplexers and demultiplexer to couple single-mode signals to SDM fibers.

Photonic Lanterns

Photonic lanterns are utilized  to selectively excite the modes of few-mode fibers with low loss and crosstalk.

Multicore Multiplexers

Olkin Multiplexers address each individual core of multicore fibers with low insertion loss and crosstalk.

Components for High Power Lasers

Olkin manufactures a wide range of components for high power lasers such as double-clad active fibers, glass capillaries, high power end-caps and beam combiners.

Amplifier Fibers and Capilaries

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